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Father's Day Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser: Empowering Youth, Fueling Dreams

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Basketball Club Holds Father's Day Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser to Support Youth.

$2 per ticket, $5 for 3 tickets, $10 for 7 tickets, and $20 for 20 tickets

Halifax, June 6, 2023 - To raise funds and instill valuable life lessons, ONE Basketball Club and its young members organized a Father's Day Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser. The initiative aims to generate financial support and teach responsibility and the importance of working for what one desire.

The proceeds from the raffle will directly contribute to covering the fees associated with youth basketball, ensuring that every child can participate in the sport without financial barriers. To make this initiative a success, our dedicated athletes will go door-to-door, spreading the spirit of community and basketball.

The gift basket is brimming with an irresistible assortment of items valued at over $900! The incredible support from local businesses who have generously stepped up with their donations has genuinely elevated the impact and value of this fundraiser. Their contributions have added an extra layer of excitement and significance to the gift basket, making it an exceptional prize embodying community collaboration and support.

Basket includes:

  • Gourmet spices featuring Acadian Bayou, Chop House, Chicago, Piri Piri, Witchitaw, Maritime Seafood, Newfoundland, and Labrador flavours.

  • Stainless Steel 4-Piece Grillers Barbecue Set with Case.

  • Chipotle Honey Hickory BBQ Sauce, Smoky Jalapeno Bacon Hot Sauce, and Candy Reaper Burn Hot Sauce.

  • A collection of eleven bottles of Apple Molasses BBQ Sauce.

  • Stingin Hot Honey.

  • Bacon Infused Olive Oil.

Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team

  • Coleman Cooler, BBQ Grill Basket, Beer Can Chicken Roaster, Two Lighters, Two Instant Light BBQ Grills (2 hours cooking time each), Meat Thermometer, Twenty Bamboo Skewers, Wood Grill Scraper, Cedar Grilling Plank and $100 Gift Card.

  • Two green fees to Penn Hills

  • A collection of four bottles of Sauce.

  • Arbonne Water Bottle

Selina Kelly

  • BBQ Gloves

  • ONE T-Shirt

This Father's Day Gift Basket Raffle Fundraiser supports young athletes and promotes the values of hard work, responsibility, and community engagement. By participating in this event, the ONE Basketball Club hopes to positively impact the lives of its youth members while continuing to nurture their passion for the game.

By supporting this event, you have a chance to win a fantastic gift basket and contribute to the development of young basketball enthusiasts in our province. Together, let's empower the youth, fuel their dreams, and make a positive impact through sports.

Ticket prices are as follows: $2 for each individual ticket, $5 for a bundle of 3 tickets, $10 for a set of 7 tickets, and an incredible deal of $20 for a pack of 20 tickets. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, kindly email Don't miss out on your chance to participate in this exciting fundraiser!

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